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Top FilAmFest Artists


After being involved with the Filipino American Arts & Culture Festival entertainment since 2007 I can say that everyone with a positive attitude, strong work ethic, and overall unique performance style and/or sound has a chance to grace the FilAmFest stages. First and foremost, don’t get confused by the size of the stages. One size is set for bands while the other stage is set for what we call…

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Difficult takes a day, Impossible takes a week.


Going through some of my old writings. I found this article that I wrote back in 2009 about the Filipino American Arts & Culture Festival. I really think that this article (or at least the very first paragraph) reflects very heavily on how this past two weeks in our Fil-Am community here in San Diego has felt with the Filipino American National Historical Society Conference, and the National…

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My Playwrights Project


I am on my second go around for a playwright workshop for a play that I wrote with the Old Globe Community Voices here in San Diego. I will be having a reading for the revised one act play, “The Corner” on September 2nd at the Malcolm X Library where we had the workshops since last April.

This time around I learned more about developing the character with the plot and I think that this version of…

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The Red Fox Inn

The Red Fox Inn


The Red Fox Inn

A dimly lit night club with a red and woodgrain motif in classic 70′s style. The seating area is tightly formed with small nightclub tables and booths near the wall opposite a bar. The club is almost empty despite a small party at the bar and across from them near the booths are three gentleman sitting at opposite tables from each other drinking a specially tailored drink fitting…

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Oh the places you will go…

Oh the places you will go… http://wp.me/s2QRk0-apaics


and the people you will meet! This is how my trip to D.C. went down…

Sometimes I don’t know where I’m going and then I find out that any road and every road has taken me there.

What had happened was…

Early on a Tuesday morning I was set to embark on a journey that I thought was going to be a fun trip to the Nation’s capitol where I would have a chance to network and meet like-minded individuals…

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Notes on Life

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What I love most and what I fear most is living this life. Death and love has constantly filled my mind because…

The one thing that is killing me is the same thing that is keeping me alive.

What do you fear most?

I was reading in passing once and came across this quote and I believe that it fits my current fear.

“We die two deaths. The first is our mortal death and the second is when our name is…

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When birthdays were the worst days: Meeting my Grandfather’s Son.

When birthdays were the worst days: Meeting my Grandfather’s Son. http://wp.me/s2QRk0-lolo


In these past few days while hanging out with friends, I have been hit with a flood of memories of my life growing up. Some were good times others were just those memories you hate to relive. I hate to relive them because they would get me so heated and wrapped up in that moment again. I think this all started because I’ve been going around armorless lately. Doing things that I wouldn’t normally…

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Why do people stay when others run?

Why do people stay when others run?


The question I’m really asking is Why do people stay around for someone when that someone is so desperately trying to run away?

There are times in our lives that it feels as though the city around us is getting smaller. I’ve heard it being described as though they were running in circles again and again.  Seeing the same people everyday, fighting the same fights, always on a loop. Sometimes that…

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Raising Trouble…

Raising Trouble…


Being My Father’s Son part II: Raising Trouble

The earliest memory I have of ever really fighting with my father was when I was probably about 6 years old. Now a lot of what I am about to write is definitely one-sided and possibly overly dramatic. I don’t really know if certain things before I was ten really happened as I remember but I can’t really see it any other way. I know for a fact that…

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How I correctly predicted and also failed to predict the finale for How I Met Your Mother

How I correctly predicted and also failed to predict the finale for How I Met Your Mother http://wp.me/s2QRk0-himym


The hype is beginning to settle. The haters have hated and the lovers have awwed and ooohhed their swoons toward a reminiscence of seasons past. I’ve heard and read the “I knew it all alongs” and the “Whoa didn’t expect that to happen” rants and raves of one of the few tv shows that I personally have grown to love.

How I Met Your Mother started out for me as just an interest which later became a…

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